New Site

Hello readers.

It’s me, Eric, and I decided to get a new site for a number of reasons. First, I felt like my last site was not apt enough for discussion below in the comments section. It limited comments to ten per post, something I did not appreciate. Not only that, it felt too personal for me to be talking about things like politics an my religious views, especially when friends with no interest have to have the burden of glancing at them, feeling uncomfortable as Eric ‘rants’ about his religious and political views towards others. Of course, that’s exactly what I was intending to do.

Anyways, I created this blog to post things about anything and almost everything I decide to read. I will share my comments, my thoughts, opinions, and so on. I don’t intend for it to be about one specific topic, let alone ‘Mormonism’. I want to speak on many different things (including Mormonism). I want to share my life with strangers basically. But I also want to express my opinion in a public setting to get feed back from all over. It’s going to be tough however to get a decent following. Especially because of the fact that no one uses Google plus (my new means of sharing my blog) and also because random stranger really don’t care about some kid on the internet ranting about social and religious issues. Something I will most certainly involve myself in.

Well, with that said, I hope my readers enjoy this blog.

Eric Lopez


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