Are Mormons Christian?

Review of Dr. Daniel C Peterson, Dr. Stephen D. Ricks, Offenders for a Word (Provo, Utah: The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, 1992), 255, notes, index.

Mormonism has been ferociously attacked by many critics spanning from zealous fundamental Christians to the so-called New Atheist. Debates over the veracity of the claims of the Book of Mormon has challenged scholars both non-LDS and LDS. Numerous books can be found attack the Latter-day Saint community. One can find Anti-Mormon protestors at temple open houses, dedications, easter pageants, Christmas pageants, and other LDS related events. Anti-Mormon publications can be found in the thousands streaming from pamphlets, books, articles, websites, tv shows, and even full-blown movies. Anti-Mormon seminars are sponsored at Protestant Church’s where the audience is instructed in the evils of Mormonism were LDS dress and marriage customs are constantly criticized. After the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, or the “Mormon Moment,” Anti-Mormon publications got a great deal of media coverage, causing the confusion of the Mormon stance to progress forward.

But what do Mormons believe? Are they simply a group of brainwashed individuals? Are they Christian? And if so, how does Mormonism belief differ from that of any other protestant denomination? Are they a cult? Dr. Daniel C. Peterson and Dr. Stephen D Ricks provide a great resource for answering such questions, in plain and understandable terms. They move past the animosity and blatant attacks made towards the LDS Church and refute a lot of misinformation that claim that they are not Christian.

In the book, the authors provide clear understandings of Mormonism and Christiandom. They also reveal the tactics and word games many professional anti-Mormons make, such as Ed Decker and the Tanners. Questions are posed, such as “Do Denials That Latter-day Saints Are Christians Find Support in the Early Church?” (32) and “Can Councils and Creeds Be Used to Banish Mormonism from Christendom?” (41). The book was made to refute many polemics that criticize the Mormon Church from people who claim Mormon theology is not compatible with Christianity while spelling out many tactics from people who claim it is not.

I would recommend this book, in good conscience, to people investigating Mormonism who heard the rumors and misconceptions spread about Mormonism from the “anti-cult” movement. It clearly explains the role of salvation, God, grace and works, the law of eternal progression, premortal existence, the roles of Joseph Smith, the nature of the Holy Ghost, and much more.

Note: An online version is available online for free. It’s also available in print (recommended) for $12.95.


7 thoughts on “Are Mormons Christian?

  1. The only qualifier we need is this, Is Jesus Christ God incarnate? If the answer is no, then Mormons are not Christian . Although a Mormon can become a Christian, being Mormon does not make you a Christian.
    Christ is God incarnate, eternal, not created, divine. Satan is created and so are we. Christ is at once eternal and fully God, fully man.

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      1. And I read your blog. You do not adequately address the Mormon claim that Jesus was created like Satan was created. Jesus is God incarnate. And Jesus did not earn this because it was always His because He is God and from eternity always was God.


    1. You know, the Arians would have disagreed with this, but they have always been considered Christians, despite their being branded heretics. They were simply seen as Christians who believed in an unorthodox doctrine.


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