Attention: LDS Church Releases Update to Watershed Article on Race and the Priesthood


In 2013, the LDS Church released an article called Race and the Priesthood that was recently updated on The essay goes into historical background and context of the American west in regards to Mormonism and its history to race. Before 1978, the Church excluded black membership from ecclesiastical office and the blessings of the priesthood. Black men and women were also denied the opportunity to participate in the highest rituals performed in LDS Temples.

Recently, Darius Gray, a black member of the LDS Church, has produced a must-see documentary called “Nobody Knows the Untold Story of Black Mormons.” He is a pioneer in relation to this area and it is highly recommended that anyone interested in the Church and its history should consider watching it. His warm-heartedness and kindness shines through his kind soft voice. He’s been a leader in the Genesis group founded by the LDS Church.


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