Carpentry Work

Recently I started working with wood. Wood you believe that? (Punny, I know). It’s been a neat thing to start learning on my own. I’ve been following a series of videos online of people who “make stuff” ranging from garage cabinets to jewelry stands. It’s been neat. I invested around 1,200 dollars into tools and they’ve already almost paid themselves off. I charged someone a grand to install shelves and spent a goo 20 hours building and installing shelves for him in his garage (I’ll include pictures in the future). He was very pleased and I made about 500 dollars in profit.

Also, I’ve created a lot of furniture, some for myself and family, some for customers and clients. I’ve built a series of Adirondack Charis (I will also include photos for this as well in the future) and also a few coffee tables. It’s been a learning experience, experimenting with different techniques and fashions. I’ve made a few mistakes in the past already, but I’ve repaired those and corrected any errors that would take place in the future.

I also created a YouTube channel where I tutorial myself creating these things. (Also, the background music is all mine).

Later this week I’m creating four Adirondack chairs for a client and will be painting them red. I will create a future blog for this.


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