First Book of Nephi Chapter Nine

1 Nephi 9

Plates and Records
Book of Mormon Plates and Records (BYU Studies)

A short explanation of the plates of brass as told by Nephi.


The Book of Mormon plates and records is a lot more complicated than some people like to recognize.

The full account is on larger plates; the special account of his ministry is on the smaller plates of Nephi. See Jacob 3:13–14. See also 1 Ne. 1:17 (16–17); 6:1; 10:1;19:2, 4; Omni 1:1; W of M 1:3 (2–11);D&C 10:38 (38–40).


Why does Nephi make these plates anyways? Why do we do things the Lord asks? How do we know it is Wisdom? (1 Nephi 9:5)


Daniel Peterson’s commentary on this chapter.



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