The First Book of Nephi Chapter 11

1 Nephi 11

I wish I had more time to discuss this chapter. But I will be brief.

Giant Maya Frieze Found in Guatamala
Giant Maya Frieze found in Guatemala. 


Nephi explains that in his vision he beheld a “rod of Iron.”

This is actually, believe it or not, evidence of Hebraisms found in the Book of Mormon. Other Hebraisms can be found in the Book of Mormon.

The absence of a “Heaven” in the singular, for example (in the Hebrew “samayim” has only a dual form).

Pronominal suffixes, such as in Jacob 5:2 (“hear the words of me” instead of “my words”).

“Altar of Stones,” (1 Nephi 2:7) “Words of plainness,” (Jacob 4:14) and “rod of Iron.” (1 Nephi 11:25). But never will you see “stone alter,” “plain words,” and “Iron rod.”

There’s much more that could be said about the language of the Book of Mormon. But here are a few examples.


For those of you interested in reading about the “Tree of Life,” there’s an excellent article that discusses this found here.


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