Rehashed Conspiracy Theories

Hey look, books.

I felt the need to bring attention to this article.

“Even if members of the church could memorize half of the Journal of Discourses and half of the Joseph Smith Papers, critics could still have a hayday picking unknown facts from what we still don’t know, present them in a scandalous way and then claim the Church is hiding it from us.”
The leaders of the LDS Church have published numerous works on the history of the Church which have received praise by both critics and members of the Church, published every known document we have online regarding Joseph Smith, and a number of other things regarding history of the LDS Church.
The history is right there for anyone to look at.
The so-called “anti-cultist” may have been able to get away with using this argument in the past (which still would be difficult seeing that BYU carried Fawn Brodie’s “No Man Knows My History” at their book stores since the date of its publication[1945]), but they simply cannot reasonably argue that the Church hides their history today.

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