The Blessings of Sacramental Worship


LDS Meetinghouse in Jonesboro, Arkansas (Wikimedia Commons)
LDS Meetinghouse in Jonesboro, Arkansas (Wikimedia Commons)

Today, a friend of mine on facebook shared a beautiful article on Washington Post that argues millennials aren’t necessarily looking for a “hip” or “cool” church. He argues that he likes the “weird[ness]” that reminds him of ancient Christianity.
I pretty much agree with everything written in it.

But I couldn’t help but remember the blessings of the Temple and the Sacraments of the Priesthood we practice among The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I think of my home teaching companion, Brother Larson, who helps me teach members of my ward. I recall visiting the elderly in my ward who were too sick to attend Church once a week. I think of my Institute teacher, Brother Hofeling, reaching out to prisoners in love and guidance. I think of my primary teacher, Sister La Rae Stoker, who taught me and others to listen to the sweet promptings of the Holy Ghost. I think of picking oranges with my father and the deacons quorum for an elderly community who could not pick it for themselves. I think of the cannery, where people gather together to make make food for people who cannot afford it.

This, and many more blessings that have made me into who I am. I love this church. It has brought me peace and love and kindness and the mercy of Christ in my life.

I hope that others can find this same love and peace within their own communities. I hope we can search for answers and declare our Christian peculiarities to the world.



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