I was on my honeymoon, which, as a side note, was glorious and amazing, and stayed at a Lodge called The Red Rooster. Here, the people were friendly and kind. When they found out we didn’t drink (I actually can’t drink, I’m only 20), they asked us if we were Mormons. “Yes,” we answered. “That’s all you had to tell us,” one of them said, and added, “We’re Mormon too.”

M20_Trifid_Nebula_from_the_Mount_Lemmon_SkyCenter_Schulman_Telescope_courtesy_Adam_Block (1)
(Wikimedia Commons)

The owner of the lodge, who wasn’t Mormon, but said he was a Buddhist, had some rather common questions (and misconceptions) about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He seemed friendly enough, and did not mince words. His first question was “Don’t you believe God lives on a different planet? [or something like that]”

This question is one often asked in Mormonism. I was not prepared, unfortunately, to answer his question in full. But, anyways, this question is oft asked among non-Mormons.

For any of you who have encountered this question, whether or not you are a Mormon, FAIR has provided a short answer:



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