Thoughts and Reflections of Tyler Glenn’s Music Video,”Shameless.”

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A wonderful work of art. Andean flamingos in the Laguna Hedionda, Nor Lipez Province southwestern Bolivia. (Wikimedia)

“I knew that those who knew my background would know it was an authority from the Mormon church. But that’s kind of why we made the anonymous old man mask — to kind of give more of a vagueness. To me, I’m definitely tying up the leader of the church and showing him that I’m shameless.” – Tyler Glenn (see link here)

Upon watching Tyler Glenn’s most recent music video, I was surprised how many people liked it and gave praise to it. Many of these same people spoke out  against Donald Trump’s disgusting and horrible temperament, his lewd comments on women, and his nasty behavior on the debate stage. In the following blog, I wanted to spend some time answering various questions regarding my opinion of the video asked by various people online.

Some people raising criticisms deny that the person tied up in the video being sexually assaulted is actually representing a Mormon General Authority. Some people also flatly deny that what Tyler was doing to the General Authority was really depicting sexual assault.  Others say that it’s ok, because it is just art.

I am here to challenge these opinions. I invite people to look upon what I have found with an open mind. But first, I want to say something of Tyler Glenn’s character. First of all, he seems like a very kind person who loves his parents, and treats them with the utmost respect. I have enjoyed listening to his past musical performances and figure that as an overall human being he is a kind, thoughtful, and great individual. Also, I would like to add that this is not an attack on Tyler Glenn himself. Rather, I am trying to point out to people who deny obvious facts that are in the video, and my objections to said facts.

Tyler Glenn wasn’t actually depicting sexual assault in his music video 

Tyler Glenn not depicting himself sexually assaulting a General Authority.

I find it mind boggling that some people are saying this isn’t a depiction of sexual assault. Women’s Health defines sexual assault as any “type of sexual activity, including rape, that you do not agree to.” In the video, we see a struggling old man who represents a Mormon General Authority (and, in Tyler’s mind, Thomas S Monson), being grabbed by the face and forced to french kiss Tyler Glenn in the mouth as he is tied to a chair. What if, say, Donald Trump depicted this? Would our ultra liberal ex-Mormon friends be ok with this? Probably not (and neither would I).

Ok, maybe it does depict some form of sexual assault. But does it really represent a Mormon General Authority?

Yes, actually, from the words of Tyler himself, it does depict a Mormon General Authority (see the quote above). People who argue that it isn’t a Mormon General Authority are denying what the author of the video actually said it was: Thomas S. Monson.

It’s Ok, though! Why? Because it’s just art! And art is beautiful!

Alright. But I wonder, would our ex-Mormon friends be willing to say that it’s just art if I made a similar video of a man sexually assaulting, say, Kate Kelly or John Dehlin? Would they be equally ok with it if I made a video of a man sexually assaulting a Rabbi?  How about an Imam?  What if I made a video depicting a man sexually assaulting a little girl?

Would it be ok? It’s only art, right? Of course not! It would be disgusting and foul by the lowest standards! Mormons and the Pope are about the only people you can get away with when making such a lewd video. And the fact that people think it’s ok simply because it is coming from an angry gay man doesn’t justify it. Sexual assault is NOT ok. And neither are depictions of sexual assault.

They deserve it! Why? Because TSSC is responsible for spewing H8 and bigotry!

I don’t understand this mind set. It’s absolutely ridiculous and quite disgusting. Sexual assault is sexual assault. I am personally against ANY depiction of sexual assault. I don’t care if you think someone “deserves it.” It’s wrong and illegal (and yes, I have actually been told that the LDS leaders deserve to be sexually assaulted by ex-Mormons).

And secondly, the LDS Church is responsible for doing a great deal of charity work. They have given a considerable amount of aid and relief to victims in Louisiana, they have an Emergency Response that helps people all over the world, a wheelchair distribution center, a clean water service, a neonational resuscitation program, a vision treatment program, and much more. They have an outreach program like no other. And just recently, The Moroni Channel recently published a video with the intent to “reassure those who may feel unwelcome in the Church that they are loved and needed.”

I also want to add my own personal testimony in regards to serving in the LDS Church. I love serving people. And as a Latter-day Saint it’s something I have many opportunities to do. It’s something I’ve appreciated doing with my father, who organized many service projects, including picking hundreds or orange trees for an elderly community he worked for to donate the oranges to charity. I remember mowing lawns and landscaping for people who, for whatever reason, could not do it for themselves. I remember organizing a group of Deacons to help someone move tons of welding equipment, while also building them sheds to hold their things. I remember the woman who’s face was filled with tears who I approached and offered her my kindness. I remember spending hours listening to people who broke off a relationship with someone important to them or who had family problems.

Earlier the person I was speaking to about the topic of Glenn’s video said they had no respect for me. This is sad. Not for me, however. But because that unconditional love that we are supposed to have for one another is not present. We need to come together as one and unite each-other with love and kindness. Not bitterness and strife.

Before I close I want to remind my readers that I totally respect Tyler Glenn and his uncompromisingly awesome talent.  This was not meant to be an attack on him. This was meant to point out that what people are saying about the music video simply isn’t true.

Final note, I honestly couldn’t care less if there are people who really like his video. I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is people calling me a homophobic bigot for having problems with the videos content.


One thought on “Thoughts and Reflections of Tyler Glenn’s Music Video,”Shameless.”

  1. It may be hard for anyone who isn’t a queer mormon to see the uncomfortable symbolism in this video as a type of payback for the lifetime of emotional abuse church leaders, perhaps unknowingly, broadcast from the pulpit. If you are straight, this abuse likely doesn’t effect you and you may be completely unaware it happens. This emotional abuse is given in the form of INVALIDATION of lgbt people. By definition, invalidation is emotional abuse and this type of abuse is no less damaging and painful than what may be called sexual abuse in this video. It is possible to disagree with homosexuality without invalidating homosexuals, but that’s not what church leaders do. They abuse. They have done it very publicly multiple times this year and rarely does anyone reach out to condemn and say how disgusting it is to see such portrayals of REAL abuse, happening in RRAL time, to REAL people.


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