Two Mormons to Debate on Whether or not Mormonism is Actually Christian

Haanja Upland in winter seen from the observation tower in Suur Manamagi, Estonia. (Wikimedia Commons)

In an announcement made by the luminous Robert Boylan, it was revealed that Boylan and Tarik D. LaCour are planning on writing a debate book on whether or not “Mormonism” is in-fact Christian. Both claim to be faithful Latter-day Saints, and active members to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But they differ on opinions on whether or not Mormonism is really Christian.

Although I must admit that I was tempted in the past renouncing that Mormonism was Christian to make it easier to denounce Protestantism and other non-Mormon religious traditions (among other reasons), I could not find this position intellectually satisfying. After all, we bear Christ’s name in the official name of the Church, we follow the words of the Bible, and we affirm the Biblical role of Jesus Christ, our Savior. So it’s not too far fetched for someone like me to understand where LaCour is coming from, although I don’t agree with his conclusion.

In the light of my bias, I must agree with Boylan that it is “dissapointing when a Latter-day Saint repeats such uninformed claims” that “Mormonism is not Christian.”

I do, however, want to see how this book turns out. And I have high expectations on both sides.

Below I provided both Tarik LaCour’s blog and Robert Boylan’s responce below.

Are Mormons Christian? Not Really…..

Yes, Latter-day Saints are Christians

For further reading, I wish to recommend Daniel Peterson’s and Stephen Ricks’ Offenders for a Word.  


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